A Creative Farmhouse
Horse Stables in a natural setting
A Getaway just minutes from the airport

Welcome to Good Earth Organic Farm and Retreat!

We are proud of our long standing reputation.

We have been around for 14+ years as the only farm offering fresh organic produce to the local community as well as rustic down to earth retreat both at our lovely homestead and farm as well as hand-picked adventurous trips abroad – a truly holistic atmosphere.

We’ve been at it since 2001, and we still love every minute of it! We like to think we’ve learned a thing or two about great food and excellent service over the years, and if you check the reviews on our new pages on Airbnb for our Retreat on the Willamette, Creative Farmhouse, (we’re also on VRBO we think you’ll agree.

We have long believed that our a farm to table approach has a much lower environmental impact than people going to the grocery store. We also strive to provide down to earth, unassuming and rich farm experiences in our retreats, either for people or animals. Even our travel abroad is culturally sensitive and ecologically considerate, and benefits from over 50 years of travel experience.

We will continue to provide the best experience we can, learning and innovating new ways of providing healthy, tasty and fun experiences for your family.